22 February 2009

>Style-icon: Birgit Junni

Gepost in overig

>Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who has really being a source of inspiration to me: Birgit Junni. She was a helping hand and guide at Fashioncamp last summer. A camp for boys and girls who love fashion, and are orientating for what’s out there for them in the fashionworld. We had a great time all together, and especially with Birgit because she had loads of stories for us which were very funny most of the time, and her outfits were great everyday. She made a very self confident impression, and told us that she had quiet a hard time at primary school because she wasn’t always the average, but that she became very strong out of it! It was great to hear what she had reached already, because there were quite a lot of us, who also have difficulties being accepted. This was all very recognisable to us, and she felt like a friend with whom we’ve been shopping and doing other nice stuff! Her style of clothes is so cheerful and she was always recognised by her red lipstick. She told us sometimes people say: “Well, you’ve made an effort of your outfit today”, asking her if she was going out, but then she answers with a big smile: “Well, I just worked today, and wore this“. I think that is great, it really makes her shine! Besides she knows a lot of famous Dutch people, and goes to the greatest parties, events and fashion shows, where she gets the greatest goodie bags. We were all jealous of course, and wanted to know how everyone was like in real life! Well, the intro is long enough now. I thought it was great to interview her, because she’s such a great person, and she loved to do it, so here it is:

Can you tell something about yourself?

My name is Birgit Junni and I’m 24 years old. I studied at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, direction of fashion and trends (great study!). I’ve been working for Elle TV for two years now, and just started working for “De Pers” I love shopping (of course), going to the cinema, going out with friends, reading and in the weekends partying of course! In five words I would describe my personality as spontaneous, devoted, enthusiastic, driven (gedreven) and impatient.

What’s always with you in your handbag?

Lipstick, little mirror, wallet, phone, diary, book and a nail file.

What’s your style, favorite item, and favorite trend?

I love vintage. Designers as well, but my budget doesn’t always let me. I have a Chanel Coco Cabas bag, though! I got it from Bastiaan van Schaik. For other designer things is Zara a good substitute for now! The item in my closet I love the most is a cheap vintage red dress with white polka dots, that I got somewhere. I just feel great while wearing it! My closet isn’t anything without my dresses, anyway. My favourite accessories are bags, and my favourite trends at the moment are the legging of leather and I love the pants with low cross, just combined with high heels, otherwise I’m too small, haha. Something I don’t like so much are sneakers.

Where do you love to go shopping, and with whom?

I love to go shopping at a boutique in Bergen op Zoom: Kolder en Chapeau, where I can find the best vintage! Otherwise I love Antwerp or going to my sister in England, and go shopping with her over there (Birgit is half English, red). I mostly shop by myself.

Do you have someone/thing that’s an inspiration to you?

The Olsen twins are great, I just don’t like their fur. Furthermore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bridget Bardot.

To see more of her, here’s a link of Birgit presenting for Elle TV: http://www.elle.nl/elle-tv/(vid)/9519997001/(cat)/6710281001/(tags)/notags

Birgit as style-icon in ‘Metro’ (in the middle)

In her favorite dress

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