3 April 2009

>Colorblocking by an icequeen?

Gepost in overig

>Is this colorblocking? I know it’s a new trend, but I’m not that good with those terms.
I bought this orange top, because I find this color só beautiful. And the girl in the store was wearing it; and it was so nice. It’s just too big for me actually, it doesn’t look nice. I don’t know why I have worn it several times, though; it stays attractive to me probably. How do you think it looks? The idea is nice, but for a XS it’s way too big, isn’t it?
The supporting color is black. People can mostly be divided in brown- or black-loving people I guess. I’m definately a black one. I love every color, but black is such a strong color, is beautiful with every other color, and it fits better with my personality I think. The thing is; with the red lipstick people can find me a real icequeen. I can understand that, but I like it actually; it’s a statement at least.
I’ve found two items with the same color again! I find it so nice; the earrings and the scarf.
This is not my best outfit, I admid. One thing is that I had to wear comfortable shoes, wich makes picking my outfit already less nice. Second thing it’s a bit too winterish again, I’m not really used to the sun yet. But I did change clothes after making the pictures, so I could get a bit of a teint in the sun. Besides… I’m always so cold. I don’t really mind it was a bit warm today. It more was the case that I thought: finally! The world really looks 10 times more beautiful with this wheater, to my opinion.
Tomorrow no outfit, because I have to work. Sunday neither because I will have a friend to stay over, and were going to Rotterdam. So till monday!

Wearing today:
Black T-shirt: Clockhouse by C&A
Orange top: Vero moda
Red skirt: H&M Divided
Scarf: Axi schoen
Belt: ‘from Costa Rica’
Boots: ‘from an outlet’
Earrings: Lucardi
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