16 July 2009

>Day of the truth

Gepost in overig

>Today was the day of the truth: I had to pick up my report. Well… it wasn’t so exciting for me as I make it look now. I knew I passed, and I knew with about which grades, so actually I didn’t feel like going to school again at all. It ruined the holiday mood just a littlebit. Anyway; I passed with four sixes, three sevens, and two eights and I’m happy with it, though I know could have done better.
Had a lovely day though! Afterwards I went with A. and others to the ‘Rijkerswoerdse plassen’, which is kinda a little lake with a grassy beach? Don’t know how to explain it a different way. Anyway; I was like… no, I hate swimming! I don’t wanna wear bikini’s! I don’t wanna wear a simple tee and skirt over it! But A. was inexorable, so I wore my bikni -a very boring black one though… as I said: I quite hate bikinis- but went sunbathing instead of swimming. It was whole lotta fun with lovely people. And… as I’m famous of bringing my camera, I made very nice pictures. Three lovely ladies are down under here: I promised them I’d post them on my blog.
My simple ‘tee and skirt’ to wear over my bikinis became this kaftan; and A. found I did a great job, as I could be labled still fashionable when obligated to wear something simple. I’m happy to wear that title, and I didn’t even felt very underdressed with wearing something simple as this, I guess it’s because I find the kaftan really beautiful.
I understand the shoes are not so fahionable, and are quite ordinary-girl-shoes, but I always say; nothing is ugly, it depends on how you combine it and who will wear it. So… I think I combined this shoes that are on itself pretty ugly very nicely, ’cause I thought they’d go very nice with the sequins on the kaftan. I also adapted my earstuds and bangles to them. So; what do you think? I hope you don’t make me feel ashamed of myself, haha.
So today 3 photo moments; I did myself in the morning, A. did at the lake -it would be the proove of my lake-initiating as we called it-, and later I went with L. downtown, and she made some there.
Last thing: if you want to win this gorgeous necklace which I totally adore, then enter Threadbear Thoughts’ Giveaway here.
Next two days no outfits as I have to work.
Enjoy again!

Marije, Andra and Annelien

Wearing today:
Plain black top: ‘from Costa Rica’
Kaftan: Primark
Shorts: Take two
Shoes: Claire’s
Earstuds: H&M
Bangles: ‘as a gift’
Glasses: H&M
Bag: ‘from Germany’

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