8 August 2009

>Golden accents

Gepost in overig

>When I packed my stuff for this holiday, I didn’t realise this necklace and shoes would go together so nicely. I’m glad I found out today.
This was my slightly overdressed look around the swimming pool today. My hate for bikini’s caused me the title ‘girl that only walks in clothes’, and made me promise I’d wear my bikini’s ánd go to swim tomorrow. I don’t even hate it actually, ’cause all the people seemed pretty happy in the water today. There has to be some magic I just still need to get to know. Besides I really can’t stand it I couldn’t do the movement in the sea for the shoot, so I want to practise it and shoot it anyway, haha.
In the evening we went to Bodrum with a little bus. During the short trip I really was a bit shocked about the ‘real’ Turkey. We’re not staying in a poor part at all, but it does has a poorish radiation already. Bodrum is very choatic, and leaves 24/7. You can shop whenever you want, eat whenever you want. There are very much cars, and there are hardly rules on the road. The evening was warmer than here, I could really feel that, as we’re staying here very close to the see of course. We also went to the in Holland almost famous ‘orange café’, which is totally adapted to the Netherlands. It was much fun to reckon so much in a country where I really don’t get a word of what they’re saying.
Again a simple outfit, but I really love it, as the shorts make up a lot I guess. The material is very nice, and it fits very nice, and I think it can be seen. I really love it, it was love at first side, only here I saw it in CosmoGirl, which I got from my uncle and aunt for this holiday. The total outfit cost me around the 50 euros.

Today’s shorts seen in the Dutch CosmoGirl!

Really love this shot. It shows the nice back of the top and the little amount of wind, which makes the temperature just perfect.

Wearing today:
Tanktop: New Yorker
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: ‘some shop in Amsterdam’
Necklace: Zeeman
Bracelet: Bon bini (Arnhem)

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