4 August 2009

>Nudes and sequins

Gepost in overig

>These are some of the pictures I made yesterday of me and my outfit. It’s nice to discover the camera here together with my father. Just showed the pictures to a professional photographer who is walking around here and making vacation shots for people to buy. He was quite impressed haha, as well about my fathers skills as about the camera.
The outfit is simple, but for just some hanging around the beach and the swimming pool it’s okay. I don’t like bikini’s, so then this is a good alternative.
Yesterday afternoon the three of us went to the Turkish hairdresser. I have to say; they were pretty good! I hate Dutch hair dressers, but I think these were much better. Though the language was a bit of an obstakle, they listened to what we wanted, Dutch hair dressers often just have a lack of that. I also discussed with my dad that the nice thing here in the south is that appearance is still much more important. In some ways you still see bits of the original culture, and I really like that. I had a picture of my hair afterwards, but some way or another it has been changed into a white square.
My variation for today is with the strapless top, namely this one. Though the variation doesn’t contain as much summer as my outfit of yesterday, it’s quite the same style I guess. I love yesterday’s outfit more though.
Get to know some people here by now, and it’s nice to hear that people thought like; yeah, she’s into fashion. I find that a big compliment. I also tell about the blog, I’m very proud of it, haha!
Nothing special on the program for today. As it got quite late yesterday, we’ll mostly relax.

Wearing yesterday:
White strapless top: Primark
Sequin gilet: H&M Divided
Skirt: Second hand
Shoes: van Dalen
Necklace: Second hand
Bracelets: Bon bini (Arnhem)

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