7 September 2009

>Q&A: The Answers!

Gepost in overig

>Here they are guys!

Of all the outfits you have worn, which one’s your favorite?
Wait, I’ll think and take a look on my blog. I think it’s actually last saturday’s one. I think the colors are so beautiful with that one, and I love my make-up there. I hope I keep growing and improving myself so my favorite outfit is often a recent one.

Do you play an instrument?
No, I have been playing piano for I think… 5 years or so when I was at primary school, but it wasn’t voluntarily; my father wanted me to learn an instrument. When I could quit it I was very happy, and had forgotten everything in a day or so, haha. So I can’t play a thing anymore. I’d love to play guitars now, but not enough to do all the practising; I hate that part.

What is the most exciting place you have every traveled to?
As I ones told in a tag, I don’t like travelling and I don’t like going on holiday- though it’s changed a bit after my last holiday. My ‘biggest trip’ was 3 or 4 years ago to Costa Rica, it was quite an experience. Have seen some beautiful animals, and I do love animals! But I really have got the best memories to my last holiday to Turkey. Can’t say it was traveling actually though; it was more relaxing!

What is your favorite item?
The fur jacket which has been from my grandma. It’s so beautiful, and I really feel myself the queen in it, though I have never worn it, and I don’t think I ever will ’cause it’s overdressed for like… everything. But it’s shining in my closet, and I appreciate it so much it’s mine now.

What is your signature style and what do you love the most about the way you dress?
I think my signature style are the layers, the colors, and the unexpected. Someone told me a while ago my style was really different from other Dutch fashion bloggers. I think that’s true, and I’m really proud I found my own style by now. I love to try the unexpected, and often it comes out good. Besides I love to play with colors. I think I got a quite good feeling for colors, and I love to use it.

What is your current wish item?
I have to think about that one… I’m a very satisfied person at the moment, which doesn’t happen very often actually, haha. Okay, I’d still love these H&M booties to have.

What’s your favorite blog?
That’s a tough one! Let me think… Keiko Lynn, Posh’ Daily Style and Daily Fashion Boost. And I’m forgetten hundreds of course. I don’t know how much I’m following by now, but it’ll really be someting like 200.

Do you smoke?
I don’t, and I’m pretty against it.

Why did you start this blog?
Because a friend advised me to do so (so all the credits go to her), and then I just tried it out. Now I’m also doing it because it makes me more conscious about what I’m doing when I dress up, and I can easily see a development. I’m also ashamed when I see my first post now though they’re just like 7 months old, haha! But of course they let me grow to who I am now. The most important thing is that I find it just so much fun of course!

What are your favorite shops and magazines?
My favorite shop is H&M definately. But I also love Primark because of their cute dresses, and I take quite some stuff from my ‘own’ shop C&A. But I find it a nice challange to collect stuff from everywhere and nowhere. I also love the get ‘old’ clothes from others!

What are you most insecure about?
I’m quite insecure about what I wanna do in fashion. I don’t wanna be a stylist anymore, I don’t think I wanna be a designer, and I don’t wanna be fashionjournalist either anymore. It has become a dream to develop my blog and eventually live from it, but little chance that will happen of course. The thing is; it has become my passion, and it’s just the thing about fashion that I’m feeling I’m good at. -don’t know wheither this one is the thing I’m most insecure about, probably not, just can’t bring anything else at the moment-

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I have been thinking about this one… I get inspiration from fashionmagazines, but especially from the streets and fashionblogs I follow. It’s what I love about Amsterdam; there’s fashion everywhere. My fashionheart really melts there, haha. People are so creative! And creativity is one of the most beautiful things on Earth to my opinion. But what also inspires me are the clothes itself; they give me the ideas for an outfit. They have a certain radiation or bring up an idea that helps me further.

Do you stuff or fold? (haha, I love this one)
I fold, and I’m pretty sparing with my clothes. Just now it’s really time to clear up my room, because there are some clothes and shoes all over the place, but I hate that. I don’t wanna handle my clothes like that. The thing is; I’m getting a lack of space, and just when I found a solution for it I catch up myself.

How tall are you, and what shoesize are you?
I’m 1.71 (don’t know how many inches that are) and my shoesize is 37. I’m very happy with my small feet (I got very small hands too, it’s a family thing), but I’d love to be like 4 cm. longers. It would help me doing some more modelling.

Do you have any more hobby’s besides fashion?
Well; fashion is definately my biggest. It takes up a lot of time. But let me think… I love to write (something I can use here in my blog too). I just joined the LAKS (some school organisation that comes up for the rights of pupils) editorship to write for their magazine, and I’m quite looking forward to that. I have always loved reading, but didn’t read a book in years (except from one in the plane to Turkey this year), just because I need to be really calm in my mind to find the rest and comfort to read a book. And I’m stressy fast, so it hasn’t been the case anymore since I’m on secondary school.

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