25 November 2010

Opening H&M flagship store Amsterdam

Gepost in overig

Thursday 25th of November, 10 o’clock. Damsquare. Amsterdam. Opening flagshipstore H&M. Biggest H&M in Holland. First H&M in holland where Home-collection is sold.

These were the keyterms of today. After the Lanvin party of Tuesday, H&M celebrated another one today with a lot of fashion-lovers. I had a lovely day, as I always have when I’m in Amsterdam. It’s by far the greatest city of Holland to my opinion and the new flagship store was so stylish. A disadvantage was the lack of overview, the overload of small departments, but the advantages really ruled. Take the extremely lovely crew (okay, it’s the first day), the beautiful building, the fact that (I think so) this is the only H&M in Holland where áll collections of H&M are sold, and much, much more. Enjoy the pictures -and don’t mind the scratched, old mobile please.


… so if you already feel like shopping this evening, you know where to be!

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