20 December 2010

>17 12 2010

Gepost in overig

>I really loved this outfit. 1. It was practical -as: warm enough. 2. After this outfit I think bright pink and green is a match made in heaven, especially with baby blue faux fur, especially with grey. Don’t want to be too arrogant about my own outfits, haha. However, sometimes I’m very critical, sometimes I’m very proud. Anyway; had a lot of fun taking these pics. As you can see, they were made when it was snowing. After ‘my’ part of Holland was white already, it is totally covered in white decoration after tonight. Beautiful, but only when you sit inside, if you ask me.

Will finish this post with one disadvantage of this outfit: the shoes weren’t closed to water (snow) at all. I didn’t notice anymore, as I’ve walked almost the whole day in the snow. Anyway, when I put off my shoes in the evening my feet were completely wet. Oh winter, how much fun, hihi!

New yorker green longsleeve
Silver creek grey longsleeve
Second hand trousers
eBay boots
Lanvin loves H&M scarf
Ydeltuyt ring


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