27 January 2011

>Weird faces

Gepost in overig

>Today I’m going to give you some more inside in how I make outfit shots, and well, on a little humorous way! I promised my friend to do this for a veeeery long time already, but I decided a few days ago that I also really have the guts to do it.

As you might have noticed I’m posting my weird faces of my latest outfit shots here. And no… this isn’t even much compared to my average ‘weird faces’ photos after a shoot. Biggest causes? Talking, eating (though I don’t think I do that during shooting…), coughing, and especially…. doing my hair! This is the biggest irritation of photographer boyfriend, haha.

During a shoot I take around 70 – 300 shots. This depends mostly on the time I and my photographer have, but also in how big the chance is that we succeed in good photos: if we have a bad day and it is quite dark already we might decide to take actually take more (bigger chance) or less (no chance on something better) picture.

I can imagine the number of photos makes you think lik: woow, much! I can tell you: it isn’t. I often should in 10-15 minutes, and taking pictures can go really fast if you’re so routined with it as I am.

From the number of photos we shot I keep about 10 – 70 photos – depends on whether it was a good or bad day. I make a selection on these photos mostly on variety, but also on the quality of the photo of course and how I look -not to forget.

So, now it’s time to laugh at me ;)!

Something else: I just chose the winner of the Sans-online give-away! The winning lady is… Marjolijn from The Tall Blond Lady! Congratulations girl!

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