22 February 2011

19 02 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

This look made me reinvent my love for pink! Floral, pearls and bright pink: love, love, love for me! The cherry ring -which my friend terrible hates, haha- is just the finishing touch.

I especially love pink because my hair has a contrasting colour. Together with the blue elements that makes an unexpected ensemble.

I had a few off days before I took these outfit shots and that was very healthy I think. It makes that I’m longing for girly things again after a while, and it’s good to let my creativity have a rest for a while before it needs to work again;). You should know that when I’m not taking outfit shots, I’m 80% of the time in my pyjama’s. Keeping in mind I take outfit shots 3 to 5 times a week that is pretty much haha! My pyjama’s are just the ultimate relaxing for me.

When writing this I’m feeling an illness arrive again, but let’s hope I’m mistaken! The changes of weather and the lack of sleep are no good to a human being I guess…

Last thing I’d like to mention in this post, is that the cute Yara has sent me an e-mail saying (among others) I’m her example. What would be a greater compliment for someone like me? Thank you girl, it made my day!

H&M Divided exclusive body
H&M jeans
H&M boots
Vero moda blazer
We necklace
ring from China
Lanvin loves H&M scarf


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