1 February 2011

>31 01 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>Meet my natural make-up face, haha! This is how I look when I’m trying to give polish to my nails in the morning. I’m too stubborn to think that, after it went wrong for over a thousand times, it won’t this time. I’m álways in a hurry in the morning and new lacquered nails and being in a hurry, isn’t really a great combination. Result? Left over with nails removed from polish and no time left for make-up. It pretty much ruined my day (oh this sounds so superficial, but it did), as my nails are seriously coloured yellow and green because of the polish overload, and it looks so extremely bad!

You may be wondering (if you noticed) that I have some weird kind of white thing under my stockings. A classmate was naming them as ‘oversized underpants’, and -to be honest- that’s what it looks like. It are white leggings, and the idea was born out of colour. As you may know, I’m obsessed with matching colours. The boots of this outfit are grey, so I was like… when I’m wearing white under black, it’ll be mixed up to – gréy – right? Besides I needed something more warm then just these thin stockings. Unfortunately the stockings were too tight to wear anything under, so the white leggings got all rolled up and this was the result. Well, I learned from it and -though it’s not that flattering- at least it’s original, right?

To end with a positive point: I think the dress and cardigan are a genius combination. Pretty stupid I only found out about this combination now.

eBay dress
H&M cardigan
The Sting stockings
H&M boots


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