2 February 2011

>Off white

Gepost in beauty

>No fancy nail art this time, but back to basic.

Over the weekend I cut my nails, because they really needed to be cut, and I wanted to give them a natural coloured lacquer, as I don’t really wanted the ‘short’ nails to get too much attention. One problem: natural (sheer) colours need a thóusand layers and so… a lot of patience.

As you might have read on Twitter or my previous outfit post already: I was quite frustrated when I ruined a layer somewhere, which meant I needed to do all the layers all over again. Anyway; after a nail hardener, basecoat (2 or 3 layers) and about 7 (not exaggerating) layers of this off white polish I’m a very happy girl!

As you might have read in my ‘long for Spring’ -previous post- I’m really into the light, nude, beige colours at the moment. As you can see: polish wasn’t excluded.

For the ones who are interested: it’s Miss Sporty no. 30.



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