1 February 2011

>The long for spring

Gepost in overig


Peach, beige and nude are the colours I’m attracted to lately. 
Yesterday I was realising I felt like buying stunning glasses. 
 I have been so frustrated it’s too cold for peep toes. Feel like showing my (not yet) fancy lacquered toes!
I miss the sun. Not in the least place because it makes outfit shots so much more fun taking, exciting and better. 
For the first time in my life (I’m not a traveller, not even for holiday) I feel like a sun overload on a palm beach and polka dot (?) bikinis, not in the least place because going to school and trying to graduate with this cold is about the opposite from relaxing. 
Last but not least: 
I adore his look, and I can’t wait to be draped in light colours all over myself!

 Source: Late afternoon


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