8 March 2011

04 03 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

This Friday I had a French exam, of which I was really, really scared. Fortunately I knew that when it was behind me, my holiday had started! Oh, I’m so glad that time has come now.

I’m very well conscious of the fact that you don’t have to walk too often in the streets like this, because there’s no one who will take you serious anymore, haha. My alibi was that in the south of the Netherlands they were celebrating ‘Carnaval’ last weekend. As I am originally from the south, I did miss the atmosphere, so I kind of build my own outfit party.

Furthermore I’m wearing the only combination I could find with the colours of this headband. I just can’t live without a colour matching outfit, so that’s what I needed. It’s a bit too relaxed and it looks kind of weird, but at least it was comfi for once!

Only jumpsuit
H&M blue blouse
Vero moda cardian
random ribbon
Goliath shoes
Ydeltuyt glasses
H&M Divided headband
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