25 March 2011

>20 03 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>Extremely tired, my father pulled me out of bed at 11 o’clock this day. However, I felt like it was 7 or something. The death of my grandmother, the stressing exams, the bad sleeping… they don’t make my skin, hair or eyes look very flattering at the moment. I can especially see it at my nails and hair… they are getting very fragile and immediately look unhealthy when I feel unhealthy. Fascinating how body and mind can work together.

However, the Sun is making up a lot. He’s still shining bright, though this weekend the weather will do a little less. I wrote it down so many times already, but the world is so much more beautiful to me when the Sun is shining. Makes me very sure that I want to live in a more sunny place later in my life.

Just grabbed something together again, and I think the effect is kind of funny (?). No matching this time, just an expression of a both hurry and sunny mood and day :).

H&M Divided top
Zara cardigan
H&M jeans
Desire boots
Primark necklace
random violet ring
Crazy Daisy cupcake ring

 P.S. Do you vote for Fashion is a party at the Urban Stiletto Blogger Contest today again (you can vote once each day)
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