7 March 2011

>Bourjois ‘eau de gloss’

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>Last week I received Bourjois eau de gloss in my mailbox: a feminine, yet chic looking lipgloss, which I immediately wanted to try!

I received the gloss from April Online, a web shop selling make-up, perfume, jewellery and other accessories. They sell well known brands like L’Oral and Max Factor, and in my case… Bourjois! You can pay there with amongst others iDeal and Paypal (yay!) and delivery cost you €3,95.

I like the gloss because it’s about the same colour as my lips, and I don’t think I own such a colour yet. Perfect for a natural look though! However, what is especially nice about the gloss is not it’s shade, but it’s texture. Bourjois promises it to be ‘non sticky, moisturising, and with a fresh effect’. I can definitely say I agree with this. I already had these terms in my mind, before reading the package.

The gloss has a little raspberry smell – of which you decide whether you like that of course. In my case I thought it matched well with the fresh and slightly sparkling feeling it gives off. Also the moisturising is definitely trough! A lot of glosses and lipsticks dry my lips, but this one doesn’t. The water formula will probably make it indeed non-sticky, something I really love. In a windy country like Holland sticky lip gloss is a disaster with long hair!

However, I must say that the gloss isn’t very long lasting. Bourjois promises to moisturise for about 4 hours, but I would apply it around every two hours again. That’s a bit unfortunate, as I hate to think about ‘updating’ my lips during the whole day.

So… will you try Bourjois eau de gloss?


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