18 March 2011

>New Pieces nail polish

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>My attention was caught when I read somewhere around the World Wide Web that Pieces had come up with some new shades for the upcoming season. I went checking them out on Zalando.nl!

Zalando.nl is a web shop based on especially shoes, but it’s a pity that a lot of people don’t know they have a big fashion and beauty collection as well! Zalando is the only online shop where they sell the Pieces nail polish. Furthermore you can find the Pieces nail polish in Pieces stores or in some Vero Moda and Only stores.

Pieces nail polish costs in all cases €2,95, which of course is a very suitable price! In stores you can buy 3 polishes for the price of €6,95 even, but unfortunately this discount doesn’t count on Zalando.nl. However, ordering with Zalando is a lot easier (just did it from my lazy chair) and you don’t pay a cent more: shipping costs are free!

I wanted to try some new polish adds to their collection, and I chose Mocca Delight, Caramel Camel, Dressed in Taupe and Rose powder (not available at this moment at Zalando). In this post you can see swatches of the last three mentioned.

In the picture you see in order: Mocca Delight, Rose Powder, Caramel Camel and Dressed in Taupe.

Caramel Camel

This colour really surprised me: it is a colour like no shade I saw before with a polish! In this picture you see 3-4 layers, but the colours is also pretty a bit more sheer. However, you will need two layers at least. Unfortunately the colour didn’t last so long, and you should apply it very neatly, or it will make your nails look dirty. No polish for safe side choosers! Anyway: if you are a toffee lover, this nail polish is a must have!

Rose Powder

I took these picture before I cute my nails, so nails are longer here than on the other photos -no, it are not your eyes ;). You could see this polish already in my latest outfit post, where it amazingly matched with the colours I wore. The moment I applied this polish it was my favourite one for the upcoming season. I’m in big favour of nude-looking nail polish and at least this nail polish, unlike other most nude-looking nail poilsh isn’t thát sheer (on this photo I wear about 3 layers again, but you are fine with 2). The colour looked much more pretty on my nails than bottled, so again I got positively surprised!

Dressed in taupe

This shade looked bottled ánd applied not as special as the other shades. The title says taupe, but there is just a líttle bit negging to taupe… the polish is mostly dark grey. However, I do thought that my nails looked very chic, and again I was fine with two layers – which you see applied in this photo again. What my biggest disadvantage was, is that this shade isn’t that appropriate for spring and summer, unlike the the above mentioned shades. That was also the reason why I didn’t post Mocco Delight here.

If you want to see Pieces nail polish shades that áre very appropiate for the upcoming season, I’d advice you to check out Zalando.nl, where they added new pastel colours last days.

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