11 April 2011

>04 04 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>Looking for some place to take outfit shots, me and my friend found this ‘garden’. Just before I got dancing or something in there (my friend had warned me already…), a surrounder told me he and the other neighbours didn’t really like the action. This was a garden, and I was ruining the poppies. Stupid as I maybe am, I told him I only saw weeds and to be honest: I thought it looked like and actually wás a berm or something.
I tell you this, because it’s one of the million things I experienced while making outfit pics, and if I ever quit doing it, than I’ll not only miss the blogging, but also the ‘adventure’;). You have no idea on what places I have taken shots already, under what circumstances, which people I spoke to in the mean time and how people reacted on the shooting!
Anyway, that was the end of the garden shoot, the beginning of this cute little bridge.

When I see this outfit, it reminds me of a lack of time. I was searching for something warm I could add to the playsuit, necklace and boots, which I thought were a perfect match. I tried several pieces, untill I ran out of time and accidentilly wore this faux fur. Don’t think it looks too bad though, but there wasn’t much time for the thinking behind.
Also my hair and make-up could’ve been better, and I really hate it when I am sleepy and tired in the morning, with no energy to put any make-up on. Later on the day I really miss it, because I think it can give such an extra vibe to my appearance.

What do you think about this look?

Pictures by Yara Verheij
H&M playsuit
Zara chain boots
H&M faux fur
Only draped cardigan
Ydeltuyt necklace
Fashionology watch 

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