14 April 2011

>06 04 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>I really love this look. Especially because the orange ribbon looks quite random, but actually isn’t: it matches with my lips of course!

For a long time, I found it hard to combine this denim blouse. Now I like it as noncha as it looks here. It is such a pity there are a few spots in it! I am really hoping I’ll be able to remove them. Think the boots look really good with the denim, because they give that ‘builder’ (I’m sorry, can’t think of another word) feeling.

The necklace is just a funny detail, but it could be left away as well.

What do you think about this look?

Pictures by Jan Neman
H&M tee
Only denim blouse
H&M jeans
random orange ribbon
Desire boots
Pieces necklace

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