2 April 2011

>27 03 2011: hand preview

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A little sneak preview of the next outfit post: no nails-of-the-day but a hand-of-the-day post. As you can see: expect a bunch of colour for the full body shots!

This post is a variation of the Matching hand posts I did lately. I want to show that not only nails are important, but I especially love them with healthy cuticles, soft skin (I know it’s not that simple, I have the difficulty too!) and an eye catching ring.

Besides I think that nail polish, as a big love of mine, deserves more attention on this blog. I know some of you disagree on this, but I’m curious to more opinions so let me know what you think!

As I’m totally into nude shades lately (especially perfect shades for Spring, I think…), I am so happy that Catrice has arrived here with their Ultimate nudes nail polish! This is 040: Petit Four As Desert. However, the polish is only really nude shaded when you use one or two layers, but then it was too sheer for me. That’s why I used three layers here, but now it’s more like beige.
I am curious to check out the other ultimate nude shades! What do you think about this one?

H&M Divided ring
Catrice 040: Petit Four As Desert nail polish

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