4 April 2011

>29 03 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>I really loved this look, though it’s not that original. I mean: check Lookbook and you’ll see a lot more looks in this style. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t hope you will see my signature here somewhere ;).

Besides I think these photos really succeeded. Your opinion counts, but at least I have had a lot of luck two weeks back with the weather. If I don’t burn my eyes, pictures in the sun can be so shiny and beautiful. And yes, I literally mean ‘burn my eyes’: I had to take a pause every now and then. What I’ll push aside for my blog right? Anyway, unfortunately the rain showed up last Wednesday, and Spring left like she’d never been there.

I especially love this look, because of the colours: powder pink, bordeaux/purple, and black is a combination I should keep in mind. And don’t you think the lipstick shade is lovely? :).

By the way: I now see that this sweater is felting too! But it’s so lovely… don’t want to throw it away.

Tell me what you think!


H&M shoulder detailed sweater
H&M Divided shorts
Vero moda leather look leggings
eBay boots
H&M bow necklace
Urban Stiletto fluffy ring
Fashionology watch

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