13 April 2011

Blogpost tips!

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I am not the only blogger in the world – fortunately!- and I really love to follow what my “colleague’s” are doing. Because there are posts I like so often, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of them with you now. Do you like this? Do you have some blog tips vice versa too? Let me know!

Tip! The Dutch Elle Magazine, May issue
This issue is showing that the influence of bloggers is growing and growing! Again, there are several pages used to talk about fashion blogging in one of the best fashion magazines of the Netherlands. What I really love about these interviews, is that -for once!- the blóggers are not getting attention, but the behínd-the-bloggers! A lot of fashion bloggers are using their boyfriends as photographer, just like I often do, and it’s time to ask them what their actual experience is.
I personally read the interview today, and I loved everything! I recognised everything they they said, and I’m sure my boyfriend will love reading it too. So funny how every blogger faces the same issues.
The posts which are related to this topic are from This chick’s got style, COTTDS and afterDRK. Yara, Cindy and Sabrina, owners of these blogs, are the featured ones in Elle!
Tip! Check out the Zara April Lookbook.
In this post, Daphne showed me for the first time Zara’s April Lookbook. Zara’s monthly lookbooks are great for inspiration purposes, but this Lookbook is really blowing my mind off (or something…). The prints! The colour blocking! The scream for summer!
Tip! Primark summer 2011 collection
When I saw the post on LauraHeartsFashion with Primark’s new summer collection, I didn’t like every single piece of the collection. However, I really love the styles they were influenced with and the vibe the campaign photos contain. This dress is definitely one of my favourites – I’d love to own a piece like this one for summer. Think my summer 2011 colour will be sand. What’s yours?
Tip! Do it yourself – make fabulous tights
 I am a way too impatient person for doing this DIY, but I love the effect of this girls (can’t believe she lives in my town: Arnhem, she looks so international) tights. If you try this yourself: please send me the result. I am so curious whether it is actually pretty difficult and annoying, or pretty easy and so much fun!
Tip! Miu miu web shop
Okay: this share is only for the rich girls under us. Though I know I won’t even look at this shop until I win the lottery or something, I think it is pretty cool Miu miu is available online now! Samm from After style comes fashion: thanks for sharing with us!
 P.S. Do you vote for Fashion is a party at the Urban Stiletto Blogger Contest today again (you can vote once each day)
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