30 April 2011

>Blush, glitter and liner by April Online

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>Remember I reviewed Bourjois Eau de Gloss for you, a while ago? Well, today I am going to review pink blush, glitter eye gel, and black eyeliner from unknown brands, sold at this big assorted (Dutch) web shop: April Online.

To be honest: the package looks a bit cheap, apart from the eyeliner. However, I didn’t want to judge from the package, as it isn’t especially important to me. Even: I think it’s better if the maker invested all their product time in the content, than in the package. However, I do know this mostly is just an illusion.

W7 Glitter Eyes: A turquoise glitter gel, which you can -obviously- use for your eyes, but if you are in a crazy mood you could probably use it for cheeks or lips as well. I want to know if you ever tried ;)!

Though I think that the glitter gel looks ‘think’ very good though, it is more wearable if you spread it. I had expected big, chunky glitters, but the effect is quite subtle and I was very sure I could easily use this for a daily look.
I am very much in love with the colour with the colour too. I could imagine using this glitter with a turquoise/blue sea look, something like Vera made here.

You can find this glitter, in shade 01, here for the reasonable price of €2,45. 


Quanyu duo blusher: To be honest: I didn’t expect really much from this blush, though I loved the red to pink colour! The eyeshadow has a slight shimmer, and is kept in black package. To my opinion, this package looks much better open than closed (see it closed in the first picture).
The eyeshadow comes with a little brush, but I already threw it out before I used it, because you don’t need to test those to know that they are crappy. I don’t mind, because you buy duo’s for the duo’s, right? Not for the brush, I think.

Swatches. This is óne ‘smudge’ with no base whatsoever. As you can see the pigment is not that good (at all). However, I think the first colour is useable. If you would layer the eyeshadow, you can build up a beautiful colour I guess. The second, pink, colour is practically unusable, but I also think that one is not that special.
If you are in favour of a very subtle blusher, than you could use the second colour, but that’s not my taste.

You can buy this duo for €2,95 here, which I personally think it to much. Check out Essence, and you can find a better one for half of the price.

Saffron Waterproof Eyeliner: I was most curious and most expecting to and off this product. In the first place, I think the package looks quite good. I really love the colour changing black to golden!
In the second place, this eyeliner has the package of a mascara obviously: quite confusing, but how original!
The eyeliner states to be waterproof: that should be tested though!

After swatching I tried to smudge the eyeliner: this was impossible and the substance stayed perfectly on. Then I tried the ultimate test: washing it off. Unfortunately this was a piece of cake. The eyeliner was gone after about two time ‘scrubbing’. To me personally, this is not a big deal as I am not a fan of waterproof products at all (I don’t need it, I only find it bothering to take it off). However, for ladies buying especially waterproof products, this product won’t pass the test.
What about the colour and the application then? The brush is a very small, fluent brush with no mistakes or failures to my opinion. As you can see on the swatch, I was very much able to make a deep coloured, small line. The eyeliner is good pigmented, and when the eyeliner has dried up it is slightly shiny.

You can buy this eyeliner here for €2,95 and I would recommend it. 

The next post is a make-up preview with all these products, so stay tuned to see a look! I used the blusher as eyeshadow because I thought that the first colour would make a great contrast with the turquoise glitter!

Would you be interested in one of these products and are you curious to a look?

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