16 April 2011


Gepost in overig


Lately I am more and more receiving e-mails from readers or e-mails with blog related topics. I really love those: if you ever want to ask me something or would like to share something with me… don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail!
Anyway, a while ago I received such an e-mail from Ingelise, writing for the website De Jaap. They have a section there where they interview fashion bloggers, and now she asked me to tell my story! The interview is in Dutch, so I’m sorry for the internationalies! Read the interview here, for everyone who’s interested. 
Then I was positively surprised by the feature of Marjolein, who is a very loyal commentor on my blog and with who I like to tweet every now and then! She was so kind to recommend my blog on her blog as a surprise! Check out her feature here, and check out her lovely beauty blog here.
Then I got even more surprised by the kind Lin, who send me some headers of my photos because she liked them and ‘she was bored’. I really loved them, so I am going to post one version here! Really love the composition of photos she used. 
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