18 April 2011

>My section project: my blog

Gepost in persoonlijk

>Last week I posted atmosphere photos to show that I was really working hard on my section project (profielwerkstuk), and besides I asked you to help me out with answering the question: What strikes you about my blog?

I got a lot of support from you that day via this blog or Twitter, and that’s why I also want to let you know here my work got appreciated by a 7.5, and later even a 8 (half grades weren’t allowed) out of ten! You should know that I am not doing really good at school, so that really gave me a boost. Thank you for helping me with this grade! At the end, my section project was about my blog and you have partly made what my blog is today!

As I thought you could be interested in some what I wrote, I will post some fragments here. In my section project I talked about what is a fashion blog, how my fashion blog is changed over time, what my goals with my blog are, what my blog means to me, and where I gain my inspiration from.

Fashion changes constantly, but it’s not the only term where humans are concerned that does: language, technology… they also do. Technology is not subjective though, and language does not change by far as fast as fashion does.”

“My blog is based on outfit posts. I am not sure it will be in the future, but I am happy with the fact it is now.
I add that I am not  sure whether it will be in the future, because I can imagine that I about found my own style at some point, and I won’t be able to surprise others anymore. This is what I love to do: surprise others, and I think my outfits have definitely not as much value without the surprising aspect.”

“Because I chose (quite unconsciously, it just more ‘fits’ me) a more businesslike tone last time, and because my blog got more and more professional aspects (my posts are nowadays almost always prepared a few days before), I also found it important to keep my personal input.”
“The fact that the first one and a half year I haven’t been interested by my statistics, means that my visitors are not the people for whom I blogged. I can definitely say that has changed now, because –though I still love blogging to do on my own and for myself- I love the interaction and the feedback that blog readers are able to give me and that way let me grow.”
“You should know that I started my blog (I almost forgot!) as suz-xx.blogspot.com. I chose this Suz-xx name when I started blogging because I used it on for example Hyves too, and I wanted my blog to show that it was about me, no general fashion thing. By now I know that I could also choose both: a name which is good for commercial popularity goals and a name which still represents me and my point towards fashion:  Fashion is a party was born!”
“I had the most basic to no lay-out, and I have been stubborn for quite a while that I didn’t want or need anything better. People should come to visit my blog because of my clothing, right? Not because I could make my lay-out so pretty.
Some part of me still has this stuck in her mind: I don’t want to pay that much attention to the lay-out and photos, I just want to show what I am wearing, because I think there lays my strength. Not especially in blogging, to be honest.” 
“As fashion is particularly a visual thing, it is very important to me to keep my eyes open while I am walking down the streets. Especially seeing the difference between people dressed in the woods, and people dressed during a shopping spree can be very interesting to me. Also the differences in types, and with which fashion styles they are combined is great to analyse.”
“My target group is formed by everyone who feels attracted to what I do. Unfortunately I don’t know any ages, but I am guessing most of my readers are eighteen to twenty. What I do know is that three quarters of my readers are from the Netherlands, and the last quarter of readers is spread all over the world. I hope to change this in the future: I hope to be more internationally noticed.”
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