23 April 2011

>Snap shots

Gepost in overig, persoonlijk

>Hold your breath, and make sure you sit straight, because what you’re going to see aren’t just ‘snap shots’.

No, I am going to show you my dear friend Yara (also known as photographer). A girl with a huuuuuge hate and fear for photos. However, last week I made it to the point I could make some snap shots of us both, as I thought are sun glasses looked so gorgeous being opposite together (pointy and round).

Because I appreciate it that she took the step to be on my blog for once as well, I want to say that I really appreciate you as the person who always listens, understands and shares thoughts with me. We don’t álways agree, but we often feel like we are two persons looking completely different to the world than others do, and it is so great to share that feeling!

One of our sharing thoughts is about the bus where these pictures are taken. We have been in it together for six years now, and we are ready to say goodbye to the driver. She to ‘travel’ the world, me to ‘fashionize’ the world.

Pictures by us
Ydeltuyt & H&M sun glasses
Check my whole look in the next post!
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