29 April 2011

>Tagged! If I say…

Gepost in overig, persoonlijk

>A while ago, the lovely girls from Sweet Hippo’s did a tag on their blog called ‘If I say…’. They passed the tag to me, so today I am going to show you… what I’d say!

For every ‘If I say…’ I had to find a picture that matches my favourites, my personality or just me. With every picture I’ll do a little explanation, so it hopefully will be fun to see and read this post for you.

If I say hot, you say:
 People who know me well, know that I only almost drink liquorice tea. I discovered this tea about seven or eight years ago and since then I was hooked. I drink too much cups a day, and there is no drink that can reach the taste of my signature drink. My whole family has this tea at home in case I have a visit to their place! 
If I say tasty, you say: 
There is very little food I like, but there is one exception: French fries! I can eat this food 7 days a week, 3 times a day. It is my favourite since I am born and I don’t think this will every change. This food is just góóód.
If I say handsome, you say:  
This picture of my boyfriend: I love it and him so much! 
If I say cute, you say: 
You will probably know by now that I love bunnies! Especially this cutie (he is much cuter than you can see on this picture) is my big love. If I come home after a long school day he is always standing up straight greeting me -or just begging for food, haha- and it always makes me melt. 
I had three bunnies untill last week… two have died because of some illness. So sad! Unfortunately Little Boss survived.
If I say nice, you say: 
Some stunning black ankle boots are the ultimate basic for me. I am not the person telling others: you should have this, this, this, and that in your closet to complete it. But I would say: start with stunning black ankle boots. 
I am still searching for them myself though. These are Gucci, and I would like to have a good knock-off (no knock off with the heel shortened to the half: that’s just not pretty).

If I say favourite, you say:
As this blog exists mainly from outfits, I thought: let’s choose my personal current favourite outfit. 
Because my style is changing a lot and very fast, my favourite outfit is mostly an outfit from not too long ago. In this case it is this polka dot outfit from a weeks week ago: I can feel the happiness I felt wearing this again if I look at the picture.

If I say dress, you say: 
This (probably unaffordable) Acne piece. It is probably because I am aging (this sounds like I turn 100 next month), but fortunately I am more and more looking for more minimalistic pieces with some beautiful details. I love that I recognize that I am developing my taste.
At the moment I have especially a weakness for anything wrapped. Think this ultra simple piece looks amazing. Anyone seen a good, more affordable, variation? 
If I say red, you say:
Yellow! I just lóóve yellow. My birth card already was, so I think it was meant to be.

If I say mobile, you say: 
My old school LG Cookie White. If there is one thing I am not interested in, it is gadgets. I hate those things. The only thing I need a way to call, text and use the Internet to check my mail. And a good Mp3, because I can’t go without music. And fast, because I am impatient. Okay, and stylish, because I don’t want my phone to ruin the rest.
For sure this phone isn’t fulfilling all my demands here, but I guess I don’t find my demands too important anyway: no chance I am going to spend too much money on any gadget alive. 

If I say hungry, you say: 
When I am hungry, I don’t eat bread or other good food. I don’t eat that much, but when I eat it’s mainly candy-like. I am a very bad eater, and I have a weakness for ‘drop’: a typical Dutch candy but I am not sure how other countries survive without this de-li-cious food.

If I say bored, you say: 
This one doesn’t need an explanation, does it?

If I say beautiful, you say: 
To be honest: sometimes I think thát nail polish, thóse shoes or thát dress is everything I am wishing for. Sometimes I am fooling myself like the world is nothing more than clothes and other superficial stuff. I am not ashamed of this, because I think it’s okay to make life a bit easy for yourself sometimes. 
However, at the end the only think that matters to me is lóóve. Love for what I do, who I am and for others. What a cliché, huh?

If I say blogging, you say: 
Fashion is a party of course! Though this blog makes me very busy and is stressing me out sometimes, it is my ultimate passion and I am proud of the fact I made my blog to where it is now today. The advantages are still much, much more determining than the disadvantages.
I would like to pass this tag to everyone who would like to do it! Please let me know if you did so and leave the link: I’d love to see what you came up with.
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