5 April 2011


Gepost in beauty

>As you might know: I am a big fan of yellow. Still need to get a yellow jeans, top or hot pumps for this season, but I thought: let’s start with a nail polish and… lipgloss?

Let’s try them out ^^
Starting with the most original lipgloss colour in the world: Pieces “No Parabens”. 
  Result? A beautiful nude shade, but no yellow to see. Although it could be expected, a little bummer! I need some bright in my life! 
 Fortunately I still had this nail polish to cheer me up! Yaay for yellow in my life! 
Pieces “No parabens” yellow lipgloss: €3,95 via Zalando
Pieces “Soft light” yellow nail polish: €2,95 via Zalando
To end a little serious: I wouldn’t recommend both of these items. Some may find it strange that I dó post these items then, but it’s also good to tell what you dón’t recommend, right? The lip gloss just doesn’t do anything special, and the nail polish is -just like a lot of yellow polish- too sheer. I needed at least four coats for this result! 
Credits go to Vera Camilla, on who I inspired this post a little: she did this hilarious post a while ago already.
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