9 May 2011

>Blog break

Gepost in persoonlijk


Dear readers and followers, 
I almost swore to myself that I would never do a blog break untill I would quit, but I am a human to see that’s not realistic, right? 
This week there will be a little blog break at least a few days, as I just need it. You should know that I am really disliking this, but life isn’t only fun (don’t take that too emo).
I am having some personal issues (nothing too serieus, it’ll be fixed), which are hard to combine with the fact that my final exams are starting next week, so especially not with even a blog to keep updated. 
However, I still hope you will have a visit every now and then to scroll through my blog, see the evolution, see posts you missed, or leave a comment you forgot to left. You should know that is a great support! 
 A blog break for at least a few days, means that the upcoming days there won’t be blog posts, but at the end of the week there will at least be one. For the upcoming two weeks then, there will be some frequently, but probably not daily like you are used to at this blog. 
 For today you don’t have to be bored at least, because there have been two updates here, and there is also a “”small”  A touch of fashion launched today (the column I have on veracamilla.nl). Click here to read it.
I really hope for your understanding, and I wish every (Dutchie) who is starting their exams too next week the very best!
x Suz
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