29 May 2011

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>A new blog post filled with blogpost tips from others! All carefully selected and personal favourites, with explanation. All posts are from a while ago, but that is because I wanted a strict selection of what I absolutely wanted to share – those posts aren’t published with tons a day. However, I (hopefully) made sure the date won’t disappoint you.

Most are in Dutch this time (I will mention it per post), I am sorry for that but I am hoping it doesn’t make this post less interesting. Click on the titles to see the original post.

Tell me which post is your favourite!

Blogger corporations via Fashionscene (Dutch)
You’ll probably know by now that I love every single sign that shows the influence of bloggers nowadays. To be honest: the only one I had in mind thinking about ‘blogger corporating with the fashion industry’ was Elin Kling for H&M. However, of course -I would say- there have been a lot more overtime! Nice to see them all together in this post. How stupid that may be – it always makes me a little proud. 
Beauty bulletin by Jamiesblog (Dutch)
 Most Dutchies will know her blog, otherwise I’d advice you to check it out. Jamie has incredible writing skills, and can bring any topic on a humorous way is what I think. Besides she has a great feeling for fashion and beauty and I love the way she ‘translated’ the Jil Sander show for summer 2011 to her own appearance and wardrobe. Need to add that I think it is so original she edited the photos like they just walked out of a magazine. In short: professionalism in the house! 
A 10 for inspiration via Confessions of this shopaholic
I love almost all photos in this post, but I especially love this nail art! Not too strange, odd, unpractical or whatever, but it looks really great to my opinion! I am curious to know if it’ll be a hard job to do. Who is going to try? 
Also make sure to check the first nail art photo of this post: though it can look a little trashy on the wrong person, I think the nail art is too cute and quite original too!
Neck candy by Style Scrapbook
I am so jealous at Andy for having these Fashionology necklace just áll! I especially love the second, third and fifth one a lot. It wasn’t love at first side, but while Andy has been wearing them they look so stylish and classical!
Besides this ‘neck candy’ posts contains such an innovative necklace made by a designer in yéllow. Check-this-out because and let me know when you made the DIY tutorial for me ;)! 
Banananaaa! by Fashion Flash (Dutch)
 I didn’t pick up on the theme myself, but I am happy Valerie did! Prada started this summer 2011 trend, and H&M is busy with knock-offs, is what Valerie noticed. Though I hate banana’s as foot, I think they are a great retro print for this summer! Would love to own earrings like those. They could spice up a simple black outfit, I can imagine!
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