7 May 2011

>Bumping apples, or bumping limes?

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>A while ago, I bumped into this amazing apple green nail polish shade: Wild&More nr. 73.

However, applying it I couldn’t get a flat result, without bumping. Every now and then I have the same problem, but then it is mostly because I didn’t have the patience to let the layers dry. This doesn’t do any good to the quality of your nail polish and mainly causes some air bumps in the nail polish,  which I think is almost the most annoying thing in the world. However, I tried three times -being really patient- to apply this nail polish, but the bumping wouldn’t stay away.

Still I wanted to show you this beautiful colour, and my fruity association. Because after a bit more looking and thinking at/about the colour I thought it as well could be a lime colour!

Doesn’t give this nail polish you a fresh hunger? It did to me!

Anyway, of course the bumping quite disappointed me, and also made that the nail polish was just not usable. I contacted the company about this, and they are finding out for me what is wrong with the polish at the moment. The Remark group, where Wild&More is part of, has been really trying to help me so thumbs up for them!

My dear aunt was so kind to buy me a new polish, same brand, same colour, just to see if it would help. They don’t sell Wild&More in my home town, that is why.
Trying the new polish, I was very, very curious, but… it helped! There was still a little bumping on one thumb, but this couldn’t be compared with the photos above.

Much better, huh?!

Do you ever have the problem of bumping nail polish? Do you know how/when it occurs and what you can do to prevent it? 

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