2 May 2011

Glitter Gal holographic nail polish – Copper

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You should have recognized that there is an enormous ‘holo hype’ going on in nail polish land. Brand after brand is launching there holographic lacquers, but I think I have found the queen of hololand here: Glitter Gal.

In this post I am going to send all my enthusiasm around their holographic Copper shade to you! 

From what I saw at other swatches, this shade is one of my favourite 3d holographic shades from Glitter Gal. Copper is one of the 27 (!) holographic colours, but Glitter Gal sells another 300 polishes next to this number.

Glitter Gal has been born via two girls both working in the beauty world as make-up artist and supplier, and the goals of these girls is to sell make-up products with great quality, eye catching packaging and affordable prices. I was curious to analyse whether they reached these goals when it comes to this holographic nail polish!

Kerry and Anna from Glitter Gal claim that they use holographic particles which are 30 times more expensive (and of a better quality!) than other nail polish ingredient. I think it is a too technical job to prove they are right, but I absolutely believe them on their word. Namely: the holographic effect is amazing, and I can’t state this is the case with other (both cheaper and more expensive) holographic nail polish. The girls mention that the extra cost of the particles can be experienced by the smooth finish and reflective effects, and there is no way I can deny this is true.

However, when it comes to the eye catching packaging, I think there is more improvement possible. The basic is basic, clear, with a black shell. I must say that the holographic effect is clearly visible because of the clear package, which I think is a pro, but the package has no real sign of originality.

Is this nail polish affordable? It is yours for $11,95. I don’t think this is cheap, but I do think this is very affordable, as there is no real disadvantage I can mention about this nail polish. It also makes me so, so curious to the other shades and products!

I won’t lie, there is one ‘little’ space for improvement left: international shipping is $25,90 at Glitter Gal.

Don’t you love, love, love this nail polish?

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