8 May 2011

>Miss Oroblu

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>How great to find out about new shops and/or brands, right? Especially when you love them!

To me it was love on first sight when I saw Miss Oroblu tights a while ago in Grazia magazine. It was time to find out more about this leg wear!

After some research, I found out that Miss Oroblu directs itself to young women who are outstanding because of their unique and personal clothing style. Miss Oroblu has a signature look of bright colours, with different original prints and designs. For the upcoming summer, the leg wear brand (daughter of Oroblu) consists of the lines Sobriety (St. Tropez lifestyle), Graphic play (for those who love revolutionary colours), and Luxury Vision (for the rebels, but sensitive girls).
Got curious after these lines already? Go and check out the website’s fashion impression here. My eyes become hearts when I see all the different colours and styles!

Here is a little sneak peek of what the collection of Miss Oroblu mainly consists of. My favourite definitely are the City tights. You can see the blue-with-building tights in the first row, at the right. These tights would make you immediately feel like some LA city girl, right?

Also I believe that a girl can spice up her outfit the best with some bright overknees. You can see the Sunshine overknees at the last row, most to the right. This bright fuchsia makes my second favourite, as I think they’ll look great on a chilly Spring evening to protect your legs from the cold.

I am ending this post with good news to tell you: you’ll see both of these items back on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!

Miss Oroblu is originally Italian, but available in special stores and department stores in different countries (in Nederland bij De Bijenkorf), and prices differ but are very affordable for what you get.

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