19 May 2011

>To compare: black holo’s

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>Today I am comparing two black holographic lacquers: Chainmail Charm from Diamond Cosmetics (just Google this one for a million reviews), and Golden Rose Holographic in shade 119. This last one isn’t that well known, but I did a nail art post including this polish already. You can check out this post here.

However, today I’d like to compare the two of them as holographic nail polish is an enormous hype at the moment, and I am a lover myself as well.

As you can see on the pictures, this nail polish doesn’t have a great holographic effect and it disappointed me there. With some light (sunlight) the effect was a bit more, but I saw some swatches on the Internet of this nail polish with a holographic effect the camera must have given it because I couldn’t notice it! Also -as you can see on these pictures- there is a little tip wear visible already, while I hadn’t even worn this polish for a day yet! To conclude, I wouldn’t recommend this nail polish.

In the Netherlands this nail polish can be purchased via Boozyshop (I think they are the only retailer here…) for €3,99. Click here to buy.
For international buyers, I’d advice you to go the Diamond Cosmetics website for $2,50. At this online store, they only ship within the US though.

This nail polish has everything the version at the beginning of this post hasn’t: a better holographic effect, and a more long lasting substance. I can be short about this one as that. The only thing I dislike about this polish is that it is more grey than actually black. The Diamond Cosmetics variant isn’t really black either -but I guess it’s hard to create one, as the holographic particles ‘enlighten’ the polish?- but definitely darker than this one.

I have been only able to find Nailwebshop selling this precise shade from Golden Rose in the Netherlands, but I am not sure what is the best way to purchase this nail polish internationally. For information about Nailwebshop, I’d like to redirect you to this post.

In part two I am going to compare the black holo’s Color Club Revvvolution and China Glaze Cosmic!

If you know about other black, holographic nail polish or other ways to purchase these compared two: please let me know in a comment! Also leave your opinion about these two if you like, I’d love to read it.

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