21 June 2011

>04 06 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>An outfit of the most ‘summerful’ day of 2011 so far! It was quite hot, and I felt like colour and feminine: the choice for my Garden Collection maxi dress wasn’t really hard. I also thank it is a match made in heaven with the owl necklace and the mules. No, I would nothing change about this look.

I am curious what you think about maxi dresses, as I know that a lot of girls still find it hard to wear something that grabs so much attention. You should know that it took a long time before I was used to this piece of clothing too! This piece with a lot of fabric made me feel really dressy. However, I would advice to do try a maxi dress if you didn’t. Combine it with something that feels comfortable for you: like your favourite flip flops. This way, you won’t look dressy, but you can style your maxi dresses to a sporty or boho look which makes you look really trendy, feminine and still casual and young at the same time! Please let me know when you made your personal combo with a maxi!

I am curious whether you are fan of this look like I am!

Pictures by Bas Visserman
H&M Garden Collection maxi dress
H&M necklace
eBay shoes
Bijou Brigitte ring
H&M headband 

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