12 June 2011

23 05 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

You may recognize this look from sneak peeks of the Girlscene feature a few weeks ago!

I love this look, because I think it’s a little crazy. Especially the shoes do that job, probably. I bought these shoes for my Christmas gala when I was in the second year of highschool -that means four and a half years ago. That makes them quite old, but I never wore them afterwards! Thought it was pretty much fun to reinvent the wheel and try them out again. They are not my new favourites, but I think they bring a nice change. You will probably either hate or love those. Let me know!

Dark green with gold, just like my necklace, is a combination I definitely love. Warm colours, which are prefect to combine with yellow, I think.

Something else: the beautiful Supertrash earrings from my previous post didn’t find a new owner yet. Edit: the earrings are sold! 

What do you think of this look?

Pictures by Yara Verheij
Only top
H&M cardigan
Primark via eBay skirt
Hema tights
Zara pumps
second hand necklace
H&M Divided earrings 


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