16 June 2011

26 05 2011 – full body shots only

Gepost in mijn outfits

The 26th of May will be in my books as my last final exam day, but the day that my camera broke down as well! I can still feel how terrible I felt: what a bad timing!

However, that also means that I only have some full body shots to show you (the camera broke down during shooting) from my outfit of the day, as last photos with my old camera. Though I totally got used to my old baby, I am totally hooked to the new one already. Anyway: leave a nice goodbye to the one who actually showed you my outfits all the time, if you don’t mind.

Kind of ironic moment: my outfit of the last exam day that is posted on the day I hear whether I am graduated or not. After the exams I got quite relaxed, but this last week I feel so extremely scared. I asked you before, but please don’t forget to send me all a little angel today!

In the small no-camera-break I had after this day, I finally had time to visit the hair dresser again. In real life, my hair looked so ugly-blonde, and nothing like the nice copper colour it was any more. If there is anything that can frustrate me, then it is being unhappy with my hair. That’s why it’s such a relief I can finally show you a bright, red copper in the next outfit post again!

Pictures by Yara Verheij
H&M Divided tanktop
H&M blazer
Vintage skirt
H&M necklace
De Bijenkorf boots  
M&S bracelet


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