10 June 2011

>Snap shots (part 2)

Gepost in overig

>In my first ‘snap shot’ post, I shared some ‘bus shots’ with you from me and Yara. Though I love it that we’ll probably never (maybe once..) make that bus journey again, as we finished off school, I’ll miss the fun I had during that daily quarter of an hour.

This first snap shot post was posted because I thought that are sun glasses were such a nice contrast together, and because I thought that we kind of matched our appearances, though they are a lot different. Now Yara and I had the sáme sun glasses, I thought it was time for a part 2! Some random crazy faces, which I usually don’t post of myself, but believe me: they are there! *this note is to every reader who commented that I am always gorgeous on pictures or something*

You may recognize this model from the A touch of fashion: Opvallende kledingstukken-post. Yara and I found a great knock-off. Well, I am too proud to leave away that I was the founder. However, I was doubting and let Yara get it. Until I regretted and went back the next day to make us ‘twinnies’.

Pictures by us
Sun glasses by Tiger
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