21 June 2011

>To compare: black holo’s part 2

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>After part one comes part two! I have two new black holographic polishes to compare for you: China Glaze Cosmic and Color Club Revvvolution!

With this nail polish, I am actually cheating. As you can see, this nail polish isn’t holographic from itself, but it contains holographic glitters. Personally, I thought that doesn’t look as good as ‘the real thing’ but that’s just taste. The glitters are more holographic than that you can see on the pictures.

China Glaze can be purchased on different web shops and on eBay, and prices may vary from €5,- to €7,-.

From the four black holographic polishes I have tried now, this my favourite. The base is really black, and not as grey as the Golden Rose version for example, and the holographic effect is best.

I think there is still some improvement possible in the black holographic nail polish though. Maybe techniques aren’t far enough to create a black, holographic polish with a really stunning effect, or maybe that is just too expensive. However, these are just four: there must be more to test, and these polishes might turn out better.

For purchasing Color Club, I think the same counts as China Glaze.

If you know about other black, holographic nail polish or other ways to purchase these compared two: please let me know in a comment! Also leave your opinion about these two if you like, I’d love to read it.

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