1 July 2011

>Milani make-up via Flowerfish

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>After the glitter nail polish-post of a while ago, it is time for a new beauty post featuring the products from Lisa’s eBay store Flowerfish. Have a look there, if you haven’t yet, for all kinds of exclusive make-up. One of the brands Lisa sells a lot is Milani, and today I am going to show you three of them! The knock off is with a nail polish again.

This beautiful nude nail polish is called Mantra, and it’s nail polish with a much better effect than I expected. The nude polishes I purchased before needed several coats for full coverage, and were hard to apply evenly sometimes. This shade has an almost full coverage after one coat (use 2 or 3 for an ultimate effect), and lasted for days and days afterwards. I think I have worn it a week, together with a top coat! This was the first Milani polish I had tried, but I can’t wait till I’ll have my next experience.
Not to forget that I think the package of Milani (bottles) looks really chic. Don’t you agree? That, while Milani nail polish can be purchased from $3,16 at Flowerfish!

The next item I tried, is a classical one: red lipstick. The exact shade is 23: Mango Mambo. A beauty item that I think is good to compare, as there are many and many of them in the branche. I don’t want to ‘slobber’, but again: this lipstick exceeded my expectations.
In the first place, though this lipstick is red, I think the colour is a quite unique one. The colour of this lipstick is a bright, tomato red one, and the colour trends to look orange, but definitely isn’t. 
Then the lipstick doesn’t dry my lips but moistures them perfectly – not a luxury, as I have dry lips really often and easily.
When it comes to the time this lipstick lasts, I can say that’s average. You will need to update it after a few hours to half a day, which I think is normal.

This may be a shame, but honestly: this Milani one was the first lip liner I tried! For a long time I have been thinking that lip liner could only be used to ‘line’ -obvious- your lips. There is nothing wrong with lining your lips, but I had hard times looking for the right shade of liner in combination with the right shade of lipstick.
Anyway, a while ago I discovered I could also just colour my lips completely with a pencil! And that works quite precise even! So happy to actually have tried it now, because I think a liner could work great instead of a lipstick.
Back to this particular lip liner: I am talking about Milani Mauve-a-Mia. You should know that I have a weakness for dark lips. I think it can look so mysterious and stylish. However, sometimes I do think the combination with my red hair is hard, as it looks ‘goth’ easily. This shade is just the perfect one for me, however. It is ‘reddish’ brown, a warm and not too dark colour. Though this lip liner dried my lips more than a lip stick, it does last longer, which is a big advantage to me.

To check the Milani lip liners that are currently in store, please click here.

I told you already, but here is the reminder. If you like to try Milani or the other brands that Lisa provides for her Flowerfish store, than I have good news!

Me and Lisa provide you a discount of 20% at all Flowerfish ‘Buy it now’ items, if you go shopping at her store now! 
*discount doesn’t apply to shipping, doesn’t apply on items marked as ‘sale’, and is valid untill the 15th of July*

To have this code provided, just contact Lisa and tell her you read this via my blog!

Enough reason for a pre-weekend shopping spree, right? Let me know when you purchased anything, I am curious!

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