22 July 2011

My first AIFW: Club Briliant by Dennis Diem

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For the ones who aren’t familiar with it yet: last week the Amsterdam International Fashion week was held!

On Sunday the 17th, the AIFW closed with the Fool’s Gold show by Dennis Diem. The last show of the AIFW is always called Club Brilliant. Bril means ‘glasses’ in English, so you can fill in yourself that this last show always is, as well as this time, about glasses.

The Club Brilliant presents Fool’s Gold show, by designer Dennis Diem, was the first AIFW show I attended ever! I was very proud and stunned to be there. If you can read Dutch, you can read my experience here: at my column A touch of fashion at veracamilla.nl. In that column I promised I would post more pictures I took last Sunday.

Of course I didn’t have the best places, which I didn’t care for a bit, so I couldn’t take the best quality photos. For detailed and the best quality photos of the collection, you can click here and see the photos of Team Peter Stigter. Please have a good look at the shoes! They were amazing, but unfortunately I couldn’t get them on screen.

I post my own photos here (of both the AIFW environment and the show), because I just like to share my excitement with you, to have been part of such a big fashion experience. Hope you like!

To be honest: only when the show had ended, I heard from Debbie, that the show was all about the glasses. I had no idea! The clothes were way more outstanding to me. The glasses must have been pretty as well (and glow in the dark, so they say!), but I couldn’t really see from that far. The black and gold of the dresses, catsuits and jackets was everything that had catched my eye anyway! 
I didn’t hear from Dennis Diem before, but won’t forget his name from now on. I was really impressed by his collection, just thought it was beautiful. Club Brilliant was mostly seen as one of the best shows of this AIFW edition, so I wasn’t the only one! Unfortunately I can’t compare, of course. 
Models off duty. It was so strange to sit in the bus with the same models that I had been looking at ten minutes before. That only happens in the Netherlands, I guess. 
Mariana Verkerk, catwalk coach of Benelux Next Top Model, stacked to the theme and made sure it were her glasses that were eye catching. I loved them so much, just think they’re genius! 
 We also had a very special guest from abroad: Miss J Alexander! A day after the show I read online that the show had been part of Benelux Next Top Model, and that the models were contestants of the programme. I could imagine, as I have to be honest: some models walked really bad, while others were really good actually. 
It’ll be so cool to see the show on TV and realising that I’ve been there. I know this is really normal to a lot of people, but I felt like a princess wearing the dress she’d been dreaming about for years!
Pictures by me – and last two by Team Peter Stigter
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