2 August 2011

>03 07 2011

Gepost in mijn outfits

>Had an ‘off day’ -wasn’t mentally and physically feeling right- and the idea for this post came into my mind. After my exams (the stress), the graduation (freedom), I felt like I had exhausted myself by then, the 3rd of July. My skin, my hair and my body were just not functioning. When I was dizzy all afternoon I decided it was time for change, and though I still have difficulties thinking about my health, that day has definitely opened my eyes. It wasn’t the first time I needed a wake-up call, it won’t be the last time either, but at least each time helps for a while.

I feel lucky that I feel like the bad days in my life are often as productive as the good ones after all. I have a quite pessimistic view towards life, but fortunately I have quite well learned how to deal with it: accept bad thoughts for a short while so they’ve had their chance to be there, move on and change your focus to anything positive. Sounds more simplistic than it is, but practice makes perfect in this case!

For me this focus is, obviously, often as simple as dressing up. Because of the things mentioned in this health post, I can often feel without energy. Not even the energy to dress up, that means. When I do take the step and cheer up myself, that often has a good reflection to my inner side and energy level as well. Who says clothes are superficial? I do. Just the thoughts about and what you do with them are far from that. Clothes are a whole lot of my identity and I’m proud of that.

Enough philosophy for today, enjoy the rest of it! – and make mine with one of your comments!

 Pictures by Bas Visserman

Primark bold shouldered dress as top
Primark pencil skirt
Claire’s tights
Sacha boots
Six watch

P.S. Don’t forget about my nail polish blogsale! There are lots left I’d like to get rid of as well!

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