3 August 2011

My Simply Beach Piña bikini!

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May I introduce you to the piece of “clothing” that I’ve given the task to bring me a summer full of sun, holiday feelings, joy and colour? My Simply Beach bikini!

To be honest: I am not a bikini girl at all. This shoot was probably the first and last (that makes ‘the only’) day I wear a bikini this summer. What else would you expect in this country? And besides, as a blog-aholic I am – even on warm days- busy blogging and shooting outfit shots, which doesn’t let me crave to wear a bikini. After years of longing to have more tint I have given up and I’ve started to love my ultra bleach skin. So the bikini doesn’t have a tan function for me neither. The last reason is that I don’t have the patience to lay with my bud in the Sun, most of the time. It’s a pity, ’cause when I do find the rare moments with the rare rest in my mind and body, I appreciate it to the fullest.

However, ever girl needs a good bikini. I am not the ‘must haves’ type of the girl – you’ll never hear me say what you’ll at least need in your closet- but I do recommend the bikini. The bikini makes you feel feminine and relaxed, just try it out!

Don’t make me start on finding a nice one. Though I see nice models every now and then, those are often H&M (I’d say, what else?) and they are seen on e-ver-y-bod-y. Don’t want to wine about the popularity of H&M, but seeing a million copycats (including yourself) of each other is just not fun. And what about finding the right size? Don’t you recognize the problem of different-size-top-than-bottom? I know there are a lot of ‘separate’ bikinis available, but I am always a little fed up with them because they’d cost me more.

That makes my latest bikini purchase must have been years ago already (shame on me!), which makes me extra happy with this Simply Beach one. Isn’t it cute, and isn’t it totally my style (you may not be able to tell, but I’ll tell you!)? The bows and the ‘piña’s’ made me fall in love, the coral tint was an extra plus.

I was afraid I wouldn’t fit it (the smallest size was a UK size 10, which fortunately always is too big for me), but the bikini fitted all better than expected and basically perfect. Both pieces!

Simply Beach told me that the Salinas Pina Bikini (on sale now, just like all the other bikinis in store!) has a very small fit because the sizes are Italian. Glad it was that Italian thing, and not me, which made me fit it.

To be honest: I was pretty scared to post me in bikini. I definitely hope it was worth it and you like my summer gadget! Do you?

Hows your relation with the bikini?

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