3 August 2011

>Pre-fall favourites from Ellos.co.uk

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>Of course we don’t want to think about it yet, but slowly summer will turn into fall from now on. In fashion land they created an appropriate term for the upcoming period: pre-fall.

Summer clothes are slowly being replaced by winter clothes in the digital stores right now. The summer sale is actually final now and it is about time to start having a look what we will wear this winter.

I have had my eye on some personal items for a while now which would be perfect for my winter wardrobe. I found these when I discovered a new online shop called Ellos.co.uk, the pictures help me out here visualizing those cravings for you. One of them is definitely the dungaree jeans. I also hope to own another warm maxi skirt as well, as I’ll be freezing my legs of with tights. Though, having a look at the skirts section, I must say this blue polkadot is very cute to me.

Ellos is an online store from the UK with wearable and casual items, which at least look comfortable. I am definitely not the practical type, but for the Dutch winters with the extreme cold and snow make me long for thick sweaters and decent shoes.

Do you like these items, and what’s on your pre-fall list?

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