8 September 2011

>Grazia PC Catwalk – VIPs, bloggers & streetstyle (part 2)

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>In the previous post, Grazia PC Catwalk part 1, I was showing you pictures I took during the PC Catwalk event.

However, there was a lot to see around -instead of on- the catwalk as well! I spotted various bloggers, VIPS, and random people with great style. Want to hear some VIPS talking about the event? Check this movie.

Of course I took as many pictures as possible to share with you again!

Be inspired!

Editor in chief of Grazia: Hilmar Mulder.
Presentor of the Grazia PC Catwalk 2011: Stacey Rookhuizen.
‘Graphic designer’ for Grazia: Birgit Junni. I met her three years ago at Fashioncamp, it was nice meeting her again!
Where VIPS are, is: Joop van Tellingen.
How to wear hats? These girls tell you!
Mother, daughter, and daughter’s BFF.
If there was a Fashion is a party-streetstyle-award, then I would award it to this colourful girl. She knows how to shine in the new it-colour: mustard!
Bloggers Shenyce and Cana.
GTST ‘soapie’: Ruud Feltkamp.
How to mix prints? Be inspired by this girl!
Blogger Linda.
Bloggers Debbie and Samm.
Actress Hadewych Minis.
Writer Beertje van Beers.
Stylist Bastiaan van Schaik.
Red leopard Supertrash boots from Saar Koningsberger.
Fashion journalist Fiona Hering.
Blogger Xavièra Wong-a-Soy.
Actress Liza Sips.
Presentor (and bride-to-be!) Nikki Plessen.
Blogger Malu (snap shotting me).
Actress Marly van der Velden.
Kimberley Klaver with boyfriend.
Blogger Cate.
Presentor, writer and model Daphne Deckers.
… and the winner of the Style Hunter Award (wearing the same dress as friend Marly!): Carolien Spoor.
In the next post I’m showing what I was wearing to the Grazia PC Catwalk, so stay tuned!
Which blogger, visitor or VIP do you think was best dressed?
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