25 September 2011

>I Love Fashion News and Mode Musthaves VIP day

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>For last thursday I got invited by I Love Fashion News (called ILFN from now on) to join their VIP day. With other readers, the owner, editors and coörporators of ILFN, we enjoyed the afternoon with a lunch, brain storming about the site, new trends, and each other.
ILFN (ilovefashionnews.nl) is the Dutch fashion news site who varies from it’s competitors by the (large) amount of updates they have post daily. The site shows you all the latest inside news you need to know to be up to date about the fashion world and life. Twitpics of the rich and famous, editors diaries, new magazine issues, new collections or collaborations, event reports… they can all be round at ilovefashionnews.nl.

However, the visit wasn’t only to the ILFN headquarters; I also had a look at the office of the Mode Musthaves web shop. Elise (founder and owner of Mode Musthaves) and Annic (founder and owner of ILFN) are sisters and -though they’re working on their seperate businesses- coörporate a lot together.

Annic isn’t the owner of ILFN only! At these headquarters, the editors are working on more than a fashion site. There are lot of ‘sister sites’ like: I Love Beauty News, I Love Vacature News and I Love Baby News.

I hope you’d like to see some snap shots of the day, as here they are. Tell me what your impression is!

 An impression of the HQ. The office you see in the second picture is actually Annic-only, but because of the VIP day, all editors had moved there temporarily.

I wish I had all latest issues on a row like this… Let me remember for when I’m moving into my first, own home!
Charlotte, blogger at Love and labels.

Anna, editor in chief of ILFN.

The cheerful Elise, owner and founder of web shop Modemusthaves.nl.
Scrabble rings, available here.
Don’t you love Elise’s scarf in Missoni style? They’re extremely popular!
Editors of ILFN. From left to right: Charisse, Thamar, Renée, Jamie (no editor, but stylist with a weekly diary on the site, ánd girlfriend of Dean Saunders), Anna (editor in chief), Elise (no editor, but web miss of Mode Musthaves) and Annic (no editor, but owner and founder).
Striking a pose with Annic and Anna.
Pictures by me, last picture by Charlotte Champion

Stay tuned for an outfit post with what I wore this day!

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