7 September 2011

Outfit – A-symmetric dress

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An outfit from a very warm (really rare this summer!) day in July. I loved this look: the summer dress in combination with the biker, heeled boots really works for me! The dress isn’t too cute, just like the boots: perfect combination! Too bad I forgot to wear socks in my boots, which felt hor-ri-ble.

I’m combining the dress with a feather necklace I found back in an old bag. Doesn’t it make your day when you realise you found something back you must have been missing months, maybe years? It always makes me happy, though I must admit I didn’t even realised I missed it…

The only thing I’m doubting on is the belt’. It breaks the length of my body, and I’m not sure whether it’s adding something. However, when I would have left it out it would probably be a little boring.

Maybe not visible for you, that’s why I mention in: even my make-up is matching – the orange lips match with the little details of the necklace.

Would you wear boots in summer?

Pictures by Yara Verheij
Object a-symmetric dress
Desire boots
The Sting feather necklace
H&M Divided waistbelt
Lucardi sunnies
Bijou Brigitte ring
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