17 September 2011

Outfit – The fringe top

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Is it a blouse, is it a dress? Let’s just say it’s a top. A fringe top. And though it isn’t an item I would usually go for, it was kind of love at first side. This ‘attire’ has caused me a lot of wearing fun already!

The combination I made with it, isn’t the most logical one and is quite a mess. I see behomian, folklore, colour blocking and even the cute Asian style via the flats. However, I do think it fits me. I’m not one style, I don’t wear one style, so why not wrap it all together? The only thing I really regret is that I didn’t wear a lip colour in one of the tight colours.

On a rainy day we found some dry place to do a little shoot – sorry for the dark photos and not too great quality.

What do you think? Is this look too messy for your taste, or do you think it works on me?

   Pictures by Yara Verhij
Ichi striped longsleeve
H&M Divided fringe top
H&M Divided colourblock tights
Six necklace
flats from China
H&M earrings

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