9 September 2011

Outfit (XL) – Grazia PC Catwalk

Gepost in mijn outfits

This time I made an XL outfit post for you. Just for a change! But that’s not the only reason actually. I just so much enjoyed wearing this look, I thought it was a pity to make a small selection. And it’s unbelieveable how many compliments I received! One of them was a lady from Wella Professionals, who came to me to tell me that I inspired her. Thank you all!

I always use one setting for my outfit shots – to keep some harmony in the post- but for this event I decided to make an exeption. And there’s something else different about this post: I usually avoid snapping other people on the photo, but with shoots in the most crowded places of Amsterdam that was quite impossible in this cse!
This outfit post is the third and last post on a row of the Grazia PC Catwalk posts. Click here to see photos of the event and here to see how the VIPS and other people visiting the catwalk looked like. You didn’t see enough streetstyle yet? Check this link, with Fashionscene’s streetstyle report. Featuring me! I am featured on some more places besides Fashionscene, and I want to thank everyone who posted my look on their blog and/or site with or without link. Funny to see me back elsewhere online. Want to see a moving impression from the whole event? Click here to watch the video of Fem, who did a great job if you ask me.

The outfit is totally me, I felt great running around the PC, to not miss anything, in this colourful ensemble. I don’t think I ever killed my foot as ‘best’ as I did last Sunday though. Never was more happy to see my bed.

Let me know whether you’re a lover of this look as well!
Pictures by Bas Visserman, 11th picture by Malu Swartjes
Primark dress as top
H&M skirt via eBay
Vero moda leggings
eBay peeptoe boots
girlprops.com earrings
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