13 September 2011

Outfit (XS) – My first AIFW

Gepost in mijn outfits

I’ve been honestly doubting whether I would post this outfit, as I don’t really like the photos and don’t really like the outfit. Scrolling through the photos made me think everything looked messy and I looked tired – maybe that last thing was why I was bothered.

However, I’ve promised you I would post every outfit I shot, so here she is. That’s why I made this post an ‘XS’ one, and I’m showing you details only.

This was what I was wearing to the Fee Launch and – afterwards- the first Amsterdam International Fashion Week I attended ever. You could read here (in Dutch, I’m sorry…) how a kind of really impressed I was. In the same text, you can read that I went to the show quite unexpected. That’s exactly why I wasn’t wearing anything better, because (and that never happens…) I felt quite underdressed wearing thís.
Let’s just forget this too clownesk, and childish looks with too many it’s-just-not-it’s and let’s look forward to the next AIFW, which will hopefully bring a way more stunning look.

For details about my make-up, click here.

Do you feel the same as I do? Or do you have other thoughts? Let me know!

Pictures by Saskia van Schaik
New yorker tanktop
C&A jacket
Asos via eBay trousers
Nero Bianco boots
Claire’s bow headband
random green bangle
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